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Speaker | Trainer | Fear Less Coach

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TEDx - Build Confidence in the Face of Fear

Reclaiming Collaboration with Trust - WEF 2019 NEW DELHI-INDIA

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As often referred - Rockstar, Bisi has a magnetic presence and insanely engaging style. 

Bisi is an expert in mastering and transcending internal fears, an Award-Winning International Speaker, TEDx Speaker and results focused facilitator. 

With a Corporate Finance career of over two decades, she overcame the challenges, demands, and politics of Corporate and answered the calling of her soul. 

She is the Founder of Fear2Freedom whose focus audience is executives, high level professionals, business owners and companies. She delivers coaching, training and speaking services using her proprietary Live More Fear Less™ methodology to disrupt the status quo of their mindset so they can discover their own unique fearless formula for success. 

She has given a TEDx talk in NYC, talks and workshops at the Women Economic Forum – Delhi, India, and facilitated multiple workshops at L’Oreal USA, Mizhuo Securities, Hudson Community College, and other local organizations including numerous virtual workshops. During these workshops, she focuses on the topics of Accountability, Personal Responsibility, Fear, Expectations, and reclaiming the self, through a mindset shift.

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