True courage is in the heart of the players on the field

A lot of people tell me they don't think it's possible to move out of the corporate space and build their own business without "sacrificing or suffering" and ultimately losing out.

Some say, they don’t think they can hold their 9 to 5 while building their own coaching or consulting business that they truly desire…

Some are convinced that they cannot make the same amount of money they make in corporate running their own business, so why risk it…

Others yearn to move up at their jobs, but the thought of being inundated with responsibility and losing themselves in the process is too heavy, so they sit back…

This is interesting to me as someone who has lived all 4 scenarios and come out on the other side running her own coaching business and built it to multi six figures within 18 months (If only I could have told my 10 years ago self that this would have been our story).

I'm proud to say that not only have I built my own coaching business with ease, matching,...

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There’s something I’ve always known about me from as far back as I can remember:

I’ve always seen the GOOD in people, wanted GOOD for people, wished nothing but the best for people it didn’t matter who. I wanted people laughing...Oh a hearty laughter

It's not something I learned; it was inside me. Something my soul desired and enjoyed.

Those that know me Today… I mean KNOW me, know that I LOVE to see women (really all people) winning. I celebrate the people that are in my world like their wins are mine and mine are theirs - my friends, colleagues, clients, family.

Hmmm, when I see a celebration post from someone in a group that I'm in, or read a client's win, or see a friend’s accomplishment on a WhatsApp story I literally have tears in my eyes, I’m screaming in my house, Yes yes yesss! I’m dancing! It's feels exhilarating!

I am so grateful that I have reconnected and rekindled this part of me because it was in hiding at one point....

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Live a glorious life

Easing into my day and week is important to me, but for years I couldn't… I wouldn't.

I rushed through my morning prayers, rushed to the bus or train station, rushed to catch up on endless work, rushed to do house chores… tired just recalling this. I just rushed.

Today on the other hand, I kicked off my week with a massage.

I feel so relaxed and at ease, even clearer.

 In the past, it seemed like such an inconvenient desire… like just another "expense", one I did not "need”. It called for “time”, that I didn’t have.

I am so grateful for the life that I live today. So grateful to honor and take care of myself as I need, desire, and want.

One of the things I have done for myself this year is book a monthly massage


If you've read this far, you most likely have the desire to create and live this kind of life. One where you ease into your days, where your self-care is a foundation for your success not a reward that...

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There's never a better time to begin moving towards your dreams than now

The time between me thinking about a thing and doing the thing is shortening and shortening, and I admire and love it!

I went for a walk and ended up running and walking. I tend to think I don't have the stamina or endurance to run, so the thought crossed my mind… build it! I began running that second.

I alternated, I walked, then ran, then walked…

There's never a better time to begin moving towards your dreams than NOW.

While I ran, I recalled a quote I'd seen and heard somewhere, and it landed ever so strongly in that moment...

"Rich people DO what Broke people THINK."

While you are thinking about it, a select few are already on the path, whether they know how it's going to shell out or not, whether they have all the steps figured out or not, they begin.

What could you begin Today? No matter how small.

My purpose is to help high level executives, leaders, and business owners go after what they desire without fear ever holding them back again!

Whenever you are...

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Sometimes, being practical is the most impractical thing to do

I was talking with a friend who is looking to buy a new car and we were talking about a few options.

2 Years ago, when I was in the market to get a new car, I almost ‘settled’ for a more ‘practical’ car (Phew!!! Dodged that bullet).

How would the kids fit, how would I fit my family’s luggage when I pick them up from the airport? I kept thinking… I thought something more practical was the wise choice.

Until… I realized and led myself through the truth of what was happening and made a different decision.

Today, I am driving one of my dream cars. It is my reality!

I know what you’re thinking - Don’t go for that! It’s impractical, be smart! The wise thing to do is dial down the intensity of what you really want… just go for what you think you can have, better yet, what you know you can get.

Sometimes, being practical is the most impractical thing to do.

Tell yourself the truth! Admit and own your wildest desires, go...

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