There’s something I’ve always known about me from as far back as I can remember:

I’ve always seen the GOOD in people, wanted GOOD for people, wished nothing but the best for people it didn’t matter who. I wanted people laughing...Oh a hearty laughter

It's not something I learned; it was inside me. Something my soul desired and enjoyed.

Those that know me Today… I mean KNOW me, know that I LOVE to see women (really all people) winning. I celebrate the people that are in my world like their wins are mine and mine are theirs - my friends, colleagues, clients, family.

Hmmm, when I see a celebration post from someone in a group that I'm in, or read a client's win, or see a friend’s accomplishment on a WhatsApp story I literally have tears in my eyes, I’m screaming in my house, Yes yes yesss! I’m dancing! It's feels exhilarating!

I am so grateful that I have reconnected and rekindled this part of me because it was in hiding at one point. Along the way, that strength, that gift, that purity of heart got misguided and misfed, it turned into a dog and pony show.

“Show them that you support them, so that they ‘think’ you are a “good” person”

It turned into me proving how 'good' I was and how I was deserving of being liked.

“Show them that you want good for them, so that they’d like you”

It turned into cashing in my gift for the winks, accolades, and praise, likes.

While deep down, I disconnected further from the essence of me. Until I did my work and I have immense gratitude for Rhonda Britten, for the work I did with her.  It helped me realize that even my greatest asset could be used in service to fear or freedom.

It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to be, to come back Home, to my heart, to my truth to the essence of who I am meant to be.

When I'm there, magic happens. The truth of me involves celebrating the heck out of YOU!

I was built for this, made for this.

Your celebration diminishes no one, your recognition does not negate. So, if you ever feel alone, I got you. If you feel challenged to minimize your wins, I got you.  If you feel like you must hide your wins, I got you.

It’s part of my superpower. I was made for this!

My purpose is to help high level executives, leaders, and business owners go after what they desire without fear ever holding them back again!

Whenever you are ready… here are 4 ways  

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