True courage is in the heart of the players on the field

A lot of people tell me they don't think it's possible to move out of the corporate space and build their own business without "sacrificing or suffering" and ultimately losing out.

Some say, they don’t think they can hold their 9 to 5 while building their own coaching or consulting business that they truly desire…

Some are convinced that they cannot make the same amount of money they make in corporate running their own business, so why risk it…

Others yearn to move up at their jobs, but the thought of being inundated with responsibility and losing themselves in the process is too heavy, so they sit back…

This is interesting to me as someone who has lived all 4 scenarios and come out on the other side running her own coaching business and built it to multi six figures within 18 months (If only I could have told my 10 years ago self that this would have been our story).

I'm proud to say that not only have I built my own coaching business with ease, matching, and surpassing my corporate compensation, I also coach clients who have done the same and are doing a similar thing.

I know most people's concern is “the paycheck” or better yet, the so called “security” that the paycheck provides.

I KNOW: For years, I traded my own agency for a paycheck. I watched myself minimize my own dreams… Until I decided to break free.

I broke free from the Corporate Cuffs (While I was still in corporate) and that has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself to date.

I've gotten to know myself deeper, strengthen my own emotions, lead myself powerfully. Own all of me, where I walk this planet as my true self, using the strength of my voice, building my own business while helping other women step into their own desires.

Living my life where I get to do what I desire, when I desire, and how I desire has been a dream come true!

In all transparency, the breaking free wasn't that easy.

I had to play a bigger game… The bigger game was on the inside.

I did my inner work - I had to take steps that scared me, I had to be courageous and move anyways.

I had to strengthen my own emotional leadership and up level my mindset.

This season, I’m playing an even bigger game.

My purpose this season is to help 50 corporate professionals who desire to build their own coaching or consulting business within the next 1 – 3years bring that to a reality! And yes, it scares me!

I hear the chatter “Who are you to make such a bold claim?”

Truth is, I’ve always been preparing and been prepared for THIS season. THIS moment, and I know fear is relentless, achieving this purpose is on the other side of fear and I am GAME!

If you are still here, you might be one of my people.

Your very desires invite you every day, and you leave it out in the rain like an unwanted visitor... because, your time, your energy, your mind, your soul is in complete submission to what’s safe and what’s predictable...

What if you decided to play a different game this season?

See, some who have never been on the field will get on the field in this season.

Some people will sit on the sidelines going back and forth about playing.

Some people will perch in their seats as a spectator.

Some people will pull up a chair near the judges to act as a judge of the players.


So, what if you decided to play a different game this season?

What would be possible for you?

As for me, I am playing on the field. Playing full out and I’m playing to WIN, no longer playing NOT TO LOSE.

I have something exciting coming up for you.

My purpose is to help high level executives, leaders, and business owners go after what they desire without fear ever holding them back again!

Whenever you are ready… here are 4 ways  

1. Join The Fear To Freedom Accelerator Programto take your life to the next level

If you are spinning your wheels now about how you can make this transition: I walk with you to help you create your own unique fearless formula for success. If you are ready to begin your journey to living more, schedule a call here with me.

2. Work directly with me privately.

If you’d like to work directly with me. Just email [email protected] and tell me a little bit about your vision and what you’d like to work on together. 

3. Discover how to quickly stop struggling with your goals and move forward with possibility

Get your 30 Day Fearless Possibility Playbook

4. Join The Fear Less Incubatoron Facebook. 

This is our Facebook group, a safe space to help you stay grounded and grow. I provide training and community to help you expand your business. Have you joined us there yet?


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