Do you trust yourself? If you are pointing fingers and blaming other people, you do not. You believe the hype that what makes you powerful, what makes you incredible, what makes you who you are, and what is required for the impact that you want to make, is found outside of you. But my friend, everything you need to attract abundance into your life is already on the inside of you. This is what keeps you playing at the same level and it is all a cycle. It’s time to break out of it!

1. Become Hyper Aware

You need to know who or what is running your life. Is it you or is it your fear that dictates the decisions you make? Here are some things you may be dealing with:

  • Do you get caught up in the stories of your mind? I’m a dork. I’m going to fail? What if it goes well – what next? So and so did it and it didn’t work out.
  • Or are you a person who only has trust and belief in things you can see and touch? You may trust that your needs are met, but then you...