About Bisi

Yes, I’ve experienced three divorces in my life.

Allow me to me explain.

Born in the United States and raised in Nigeria, I always possessed a need to help others liberate themselves from life’s burdens and celebrate their wins.

As an innovative communicator and teacher at heart, I’m a serial supporter of people, and a strong advocate for women. Wrapped up in a Corporate Finance career for over two decades, I fostered my gift of supporting others by counselling colleagues and friends.

But, I felt lost and and parts of me got buried deeper and deeper.


In 2013, I had my first divorce – from my old self. The self who lived according to the expectations of others, my career, family, and culture. The self that was afraid of her own shadows. The self that went after perfection in all areas of her life.

I discovered the concept of fearless living and it transformed my life. I began listening to and honouring my heart, propelling me to embrace courage and confidently pursue my path as an unorthodox, freedom-focused leader.

Mentoring and studying under the best people in the world, I navigated through my deep inner work to move forward and release my fear.


In 2014, I went through my 2nd divorce – from the love of my life. An experience that left me empty with nothing but my purpose to fill.

We all have a purpose.

And, I believe that the gifts, talents and answers that we search for outside of ourselves are within each of us.

However you choose to define success – in the corporate or entrepreneurial world, or in your role as a spouse, parent or friend, it’s crucial to discover and master yourself first.


I’m Bisi MacGregor,


and professionals hire me to accelerate their divorce process because most are married to the fears that keep them in jobs or circumstances that no longer serve them, married to fears that have them burying or losing the best parts of themselves everyday, and others are trapped chasing their tail trying to keep up.
So, I help break down the walls that have kept them trapped in, embrace and embody their inner confidence, and ignite a new story for their lives. I help you live a life a more fearless life – a life unhindered.


You may feel like you’ve become a victim of your negative mindset, unrealistic expectations, toxic relationships, and hindering beliefs. I’m hereto help you cut through those ties. To assist you in re-connecting with that true essence of who you really are.


4 years after my 2nd divorce, I embarked on divorcing from my corporate finance role where I could not fully express who I was or engage in what I am born to do.

Fearless Living reaffirmed what I already knew – that the pathway to your freedom lies within the truest essence of who you are.

After realizing and honoring my heart’s purpose, I’ve dedicated myself to helping you divorce and liberate yourself from beliefs and thoughts that leave you unhappy.


What if you had a blueprint to help you discover how to fearlessly express yourself?

To discover the confidence to fully embrace who you are and share that with the world?
What would your life look like if you shifted your mindset from fear to freedom?
Imagine how your relationships, career, finances, mental and physical health, home and even spirituality would transform.
Are you ready to live life the way your heart intends?

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Let’s create your new Life Unhindered.

More About Bisi


In 2017, I became a TEDx speaker in New York City, delivering a bold and magnetizing talk on “Building Confidence in the Face of Fear.”
Since then, I’ve spoken and held workshops at:


Hudson Community College, New Jersey


L’Oreal USA – Operations Townhall


Women Economic Forum 2019


Mizhuo Securities, New Jersey



I’m the recipient of the “Women of Excellence 2019”, award from the Women Economic Forum (WEF), “The Shining Star”, and the “Fearless World” award from The Fearless Living Institute.

Along with coaching and workshops, I also offer free weekly videos and other resources to help women and men build self mastery and gain a healthy sense of self value and worth.